'Citizen Pro' concept by Danique Valstar

The app designed in this project allows citizens to map such issues, ranging from social incidents to required maintenance and desired changes. Both professionals and citizens can benefit from becoming aware of the issues at stake in a neighbourhood and discussing them publicly.

Prototypes were created by: Danique Valstar, Jeroen Diks, Mia Henkels, Boy Versteeg, Daniel Ramirez Torres, Gino Aldewereld, and Hamoen Ghafelehbashi.

For the development of a neighbourhood, it is important to have insight in what is going on in the neighbourhood, for various social professionals working there, but also for the inhabitants. The collaboration between citizens and professionals gets more and more important. In this project, an app is designed that allows inhabitants to map out important issues in their neighbourhood. This may concern issues to do with the physical environment (e.g. stray waste) but also issues that relate to social conditions (e.g. support for a neighbourhood activity).

The app can help citizens to express their wishes and literally map them, to get into discussions about such issues, to generate ideas together and take action collectively. The professionals in the neighbourhood use the app to gain insight in what’s at stake and to communicate with inhabitants. This project has iteratively generated a number of solutions for the Citizen-Pro app.